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Underhero is a 2D side-scroller RPG adventure with timing-based combat. It's a mysterious yet funny story, full of silly characters and quirky dialogue.

A love letter to Paper Mario games and RPGs in general, it tells the story of a world where the chosen one is gone, and a minion takes his place as the new "hero".

I want to help!

There are SO many ways you can help out, just to name a few:

- Follow our Development blog for updates on how the game is going!

- We're currently on Steam Greenlight, we could really use your vote if you like the game! (We are officially greenlit!)

-Speaking of polish, if you've played the demo I'm sure you'll have some opinions, suggestions, pesky bugs you found, grammar problems. All of this can and will make Underhero a better game, so don't hesitate to throw us a question in our Dev blog. Any feedback is welcomed with a smile!

-And finally, you can share the game with your friends and follow us in our social media, too!


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Are reviews on the demo still welcome? I'm gonna leave a little review of the game here, if that's alright. I'll keep as vague as possible so as not to spoil anything for those who haven't tried it yet.

It's a neat storyline; the fact that you play as a minion is very cool, and my friend and I love it. The beginning scenes were both macabre and humorous. We love the graphics! The artwork is neat, the backgrounds and sprites are colorful, and Mr. Stitches is chilling in appearance. The minions (my personal favorite) are adorable. We like that everyone has their own names, no matter how unimportant they are.

We've only played up to the first boss so far (not sure how long the demo is), but the combat was tedious to us; so many things to click that form more options, when the battle could have been quicker. Gameplay ran a bit slow when many characters appeared onscreen (but maybe that was our computer's fault).

Characters have the potential to be interesting, and I would definitely like to see this game more fleshed out. I find it difficult, personally, to wonder what the minion's motivation is to follow the directions of Elizabeth IV in the first place - the only reason I can figure is so that HE/SHE can become ruler, but that isn't really hinted at. A bit more character/story set up in the beginning would be great to see in a finished version!

That's all we can think of - it's a neat demo. So glad it got greenlit on STEAM, and we hope development goes well.


I feel that the concept for everything in this game is so great, the execution however i feel is very, bad. Im sorry i know that this game is an in development game and I personally want it to be on steam so that i may buy it but there is a lot that could and i hope most likely will be changed, tweaked, and improved.
Underhero can and i hope will be a great game, but the issue i have with it is that the combat is boring, gameplay at this point isnt very nice, i know that would be expanded upon but for people who want gameplay and story the potential for Underheros system isnt very high, It looks and can be amazing but with its template i feel like it wont be very enjoyable. Now i may be entirely wrong since i dont know anything on the current development of this game, but as it is even in thought only works for a game specifically designed around its music. Which its easily seen, I mean heard, that Underhero is not.
Speaking on Music i feel as though since you're are playing as the underling of an evil overlord or some sort, that the music should reflect on that, as the game continues the music should evolve, as you become the hero that you essentially killed, that being what i believe with transpire.
This game is very interesting, and i believe that the great people in charge of it will do their very best to make it something amazing i just felt that i should give my two cents on this well of potiential and im sorry if i come off as rude in any way

Not rude at all, thank you Alrayne! This is the reason we decided to go public with the demo, so people could tell us what's wrong with the game so far.

We need comments like this if we want to make Underhero a great game, your criticism and everyone else's has been heard and noted.

Now that the game has been greenlit we plan to address all the problems the demo has brought to our attention and continue development as planned. (Sorry this response took so long)