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Underhero is a 2D side-scroller RPG adventure game with timing-based combat. It tells an intriguing and mysterious story, full of silly characters brimming with personality, quirky dialogue, and lots of weird humor.

Inspired by Paper Mario games and RPGs in general, it tells the story of a world where the chosen hero has failed and an underling of the main villain takes his place as the new “hero”.

Join Elizabeth IV and a little Masked kid in a journey across the Chestnut Kingdom to once again, defeat the evil Mr. Stitches! Meet friends, foes and other weird characters in the mysterious world of Underhero.

...Wait, once again!?


  • A side-scrolling RPG adventure full of beautiful pixel art and cartoony aesthetics.

  • Turn-based combat with a twist: there are no turns! Use your reflexes to evade, and your timing to attack or parry! We call it timing-based combat.

  • Level ups let you choose between three options! HP, attack and stamina! Choose wisely...

  • Enemies consider you their ally, so talk to them in-battles!

  • Critical hits occur when you hit an enemy with the beat of the music, not randomly! Groovy~

  • You want to escape a tough battle? Bribe your enemies!

  • A wonderful original soundtrack composed by Stijn van Wakeren.

  • Explorable worlds sprinkled with many hidden secrets.

  • Mini games!

  • Puzzle elements.

  • Some good old platforming.

  • Fun and intense boss battles!

  • A satire of RPG tropes.

  • A story shrouded in mystery, with many twists and turns…

Important links below!

 Website - Presskit - Steam - Gamejolt - Twitter - Discord - Dev Blog

You can get the Underhero Art Book for free right here!

There is a free Demo available!

Important things to know about the demo:

  • Only Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers supported.
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions let us know! We are happy to respond.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Underhero 4.1.0 Linux 253 MB
Underhero 4.1.0 Mac 262 MB
Underhero 4.1.0 Windows 32-bit 254 MB
Underhero 4.1.0 Windows 64-bit 258 MB

Download demo

Underhero Demo.rar 281 MB

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This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really happy for you getting all the love that you deserve for the release of this stellar title! I just genuinely love the sense of atmosphere you've put into this game. One question, though. Any plans to possibly release this game on Mac in the future?

Thank you so much!
We currently have no plans for Mac/Linux ports since we are aiming for consoles at the moment.
It's not out of the table though, we'll see in the future.

That's still pretty cool to hear (also just saw that the game released on GOG, so congrats to that :) ) Which consoles were you guys thinking of releasing the game for? 

The big three!

Just finished the game and is amazing.
One of my favorite games ive ever played.

One of the best RPGs I've played in recent history. It reminded me why I love the genre so much.

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It's nearly a year to the day that I covered the demo of Underhero and now I finally get the pleasure of covering the full release of an incredible game


I really like the game but there are a few things that I suggest that you guys work on and patch them.

1. Most important, the game feels too easy. The battles are not very rewarding and because you always get HP after killing an enemy, it is almost impossible to die.

2. Overall the game feels a little laggy, Idk what engine you guys use but the animations in general feel a bit laggy. It makes harder to time things during battle, like parrying.

3. The physics mechanic feel a little unpolished. Jumping does not feel natural. Some collisions do not work as intended. Idk how to explain but overall physics feel a bit unpolished.

4. In some places because of the shape of the platform the character feet do not touch ground and he appears to be flying. That again is something that feels unpolished.

5. Sometimes I jumped too early to dodge an attack and was supposed to be hit by the enemy, but It said that I dodged it.

The game has a lot of potential, but it needs more polishing and be harder. Maybe add modes with harder difficulties, or tweak the game so it feels challenging and not just a walking simulator.

I hope the game succeeds so you guys can work on a sequel!



Reviewed the game here

It's such a great game, I hope it continues to gain popularity!

Good review!  I enjoyed finding a review video with a voice that is easy and clear to understand and with good audio mixing.  :)

Aw, thank you for your kind words! It means a lot <3


Cheers to you devs, courtesy of Jim (Flipping) Sterling Son!  :)

Unfortunate tosh about the name but don't let the silly wankers get ya down!  I hope that ya'll get some more publicity & love because the game is really nice! ^_^

Aw thank you so much!
Glad to see Jim's video has brought more people in :)


You'll get more publicity if you create a public official policy thing on videos and monetization of them for YT/Twitch/etc.

Just something that people can link to if any DMCA shenanigans by trolls happen to occur.

Still waiting on that 'official video/monetization policy' statement from your studio.  Would love to make some YT/Twitch vids of this but without something official I can't risk it.

ill try this game looks like interesting

This game will definitely be another indie hidden gem! 

Really nice 2 D game.


I just tried out the demo with WINE. I'll definitely be picking it up. Though, I am curious if it will be getting a Linux port? It runs well enough under WINE, but nothing beats a native Linux port.

It's in our plans! We would love to hear your experience with the game using WINE though, it might be a good alternative in the mean time.
Thank you for playing!


It plays great. I'm using WINE stable 3.0.3 on Debian Stretch (xfce with Xorg). I just manage WINE myself, I don't use any frontends for it like Lutris or PlayOnLinux. It didn't need any extra configuring to get it playing, so a basic clean prefix should work fine. It worked fine on my laptop's mesa setup and my desktop's Nvidia GPU. Typically, Unity games work well under WINE, so no real surprise on my end.

The player character movement looks slightly off, but it's only really noticeable if you deliberately look at it. Good gamepad support hasn't made its way into the stable build of WINE yet, so I just used Antimicro to fill the gap.

Otherwise, I could show it to someone and they'd assume it's running natively. If you need any more information, I'll happily provide it. I've been using nothing but Linux distributions for my own use for 10 years now and have been gaming on them just as long.


Thank you!
It's very useful to know that it works decently. If anyone else asks, we can direct them to your post while we wait for the official port.
If we have any more questions we will definitely let you know!

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Is there an issue with buying it here on Itch.io? The installer only included a 151KB JPG, two 3KB .IFL files, three 1KB .DAT files, a 1KB spreadsheet named License that is completely blank, and a folder named ".itch" which includes a 1KB "receipt.json" file. 

*Edit to add - It seems it may be an issue with the new Itch.io app that just came out. When I clicked the Download link from the purchase confirmation, it started downloading the full game in my regular browser. So that's fun.

Awesome game! love the story and the artstyle and the combat mechanic was good! Can't wait for the full game to come out! 

Awesome! Thank you so much for playing, happy to read you enjoyed it :D


You're welcome! :) You all did a great job on making this game! :D

I'm exited for when the game is finished

Game was truly excellent from top to bottom. Cannot wait for the full release of the game. I really enjoyed how the boss battle incorporated the normal battle system as well as platforming. I haven't played many games like this. Thanks.

It has been almost a year. seeing how the system base was already built it should've took something like 3 months... Is everything ok? Did you guys give up on it?


We are only 2 working full time! It has been a lot of work to build this thing.
If you check our latest dev log you'll see that all the assets have been finished recently and we're basically polishing and fixing bugs through lots of testing. We are also preparing for an announcement soon, so hang tight please!


also could you do a zip version rar only is kinda harsh

OMFG!!! Great game love it will buy when it comes out 

Yay! Thank you so much!

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Might you have even the slighest idea of when this game would be completed? If not thats fine cant wait to play it it's downloading now.

Edit: just read your most recent post and saw that you said there wasn't a date. also I was going through the options and changed the resolution to lower on accident and it won't go back I dont know if you've fixed this with what you're working on now but its broken for me. Still looking forward to experiencing it though.

(1 edit)

Thank you!
Added the update here on itch.io to clear confusion.
The resolution problem is a known issue of the demo, it's being dealt it!

did a playthough of this game a whiel ago i really enjoyed it and honestly can't wait to see where the future takes this game


Thank you so much for playing! Glad you liked it.

relly good demo love the premes and charaters the demo was awesome at first i thought that this was a full game

I'm really liking the story telling.  I just got beat up by the moth queen haha! I must have a game journalist level of game skill. But in all seriousness, the premise of the game is super intriguing and I'll come back and finish the demo when I have some more time (how many people come back to a demo right?) Keep up the good work!

When is the full game coming out? I'm engrossed with the game and its story!

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The art style is nice, the music -- while not memorable -- is well-done, and the slightly sarcastic tone throughout is welcome. As for the gameplay itself, while I like the basic premise of the game, it could do with some improvements; primarily to the combat system.

For example, for a rhythm-based combat system it seems weirdly out-of-sync. I think my biggest problem is that the enemies do not follow this rule, attacking after a set amount of time rather than on the beat.

One other thing is the conversation aspect during combat. It is not particuarly engaging, just throwing a line of dialog at you and that's it.

All-in-all, a solid premise with a solid demo.

I also have to say, bravo on the name of the game. The title combines the prefix "under" --meaning "less than" or "beneath" -- and hero, creating a name that means, "The lesser hero", but considering the word "understudy", it's more exact meaning is, "The substitute hero".


Thank you!
To clarify, our combat system is not rhythm-based per se, but a semi turn-based game about timing attacks and dodges. The music mechanic is just a little bonus for extra damage. The combat expands later on with more enemy variety and new weapons to choose from.

The talking during combat does have a deeper purpose, but not in the demo I'm afraid.
We don't want to spoil it here, but it is important!

Even though the name of the game has brought us more comparisons than praise, I'm glad to hear someone else agrees with our naming conventions! More specifically, we combined "underling" and "hero". 

We believe it fits the themes of the game perfectly.

I been trying to play the game but every time I start a new save file the game crashes. Has anyone got any advice to help me?


Loved playing this game! Played this months ago, but just now got the chance to release this video on my channel! Another to come out in a couple of days as well. Hope you enjoy and can find my thoughts helpful throughout this video:D Definitely recommend this game to others!

do you mind if i stream this on my youtube channel?

Not at all, go ahead!


This looks very interesting. I'll check out the demo. Definitely looks like a game I think I'd have a lot of fun doing a Let's Play on when the full thing is released. I'll give my feedback when I've played the demo. ^__^

Sorry to presume such things, but is this a play on 'Undertale'? Or is your game titled 'Underhero' simply because 'Undertale' was already taken? Not trying to criticize, just curious as a developer myself

We combined the words "Underling" and "Hero" since it best represents the themes of the game.

It has nothing to do with undertale!

Oh nice! Well congrats on such a beautiful game! Can't wait to play the full version

Sorry for bothering, but how much will the game cost when it gets released? I just played through the demo and it was both funny and exciting. It had great art style, great music (Especially the menu music)

Looking forward to both the game and the soundtrack! I haven’t found any bugs or glitches yet but if I do find any, I’ll be sure to tell you. 

After all, this is an awesome game with high potential and I can’t wait til the full release. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for playing! Glad you liked it :)
We haven't announced a price yet, but it will be similar to other indie platformers.

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Completely unplayable for me. I don't think this is any fault of the game itself, per say, but rather there's just so much detail and quality put into it that it overloaded my pitiful netbook, and froze it for a full 10 minutes after snakey guy showed up to take me to Lord Stitches. I also noticed (and I think this has to do with lag) that while trying to move the characters, it was like I was dragging a 5-ton boulder by my ankles. It was painfully slow.

I hope it's easier on the hardware in the future, or maybe a console version will be made available, I'd really love to be able to play some day.

THAT BEING SAID! Everything I was able to experience was simply fantastic! The music was wonderful, the animation as the characters moved was smooth (when it wasn't lagging), and the artwork is admirable to say the least. I really love the comedy and self-awareness, and the blood gushing from "Scarf Boy's" apparently smashed head was shocking. but fantastic in a morbid way. I loved every detail of what little I was able to experience. Keep up the great work!

Sorry to hear that, we are working on optimizing the game as much as we can.
Thank you for playing!


Such a pretty and comedy laced game, I dig it. From the "villains" being self aware and knowing their part in this good vs evil world, to the oddly cheery art style, to the really well done music, I like what you have going on with this demo and look forward to the completed work. I've had my eye on the game for a while, so it's nice to finally get to play and enjoy it. Good job on this.

Probably doesn't do the game justice, but here's a vidja!

'Eyy, I return from the holidays with part 2!

Tutorial feels a little heavy handed. It's informative and the dialogue is still good, but being locked into doing only what it wants is...less than enjoyable.

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So, I've encountered a few things that could be fixed or polished within my first hour of gameplay, 

1. when entering the lizards shop inside the castle, no one or nothing tells you backspace is to leave shop (correct me if I'm wrong, but I never saw anything) 

2. when king Stitches strangled the lizard minion, in the next frame, Stitches  wasn't there, but reappeared in the frame after, I summed this up to him possibly meaning to be in a different stance, but it didn't load? 

and lastly, when the encounters happen, you're able to interact and fight the enemy before the "ENCOUNTER!" text goes away, which, I think should be fixed so you can't do anything until the text is gone, left me a lot of the time accidentally using a potion while walking left, and touching an enemy.

 hope this review helps out development a bit

1. It's on our list!

2. That is how its supposed to work. Mr. Stitches can disappear at will, he can be seen when he wants to be seen.

3. We'll keep this is mind, thanks.

Thank you for your help and for playing the demo!

Deleted 85 days ago
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We are in the process of spitting and polishing this thing!
Thank you for the honest critique, we appreciate these ones a lot more than the overly positive ones. In the end, it's about analyzing mistakes and improving upon them.

That said I would like to clarify a few thing, if it's alright with you:

- Yes, we have been working 4 years on this game. Two and a half of those years were about learning how to make games!
This was our first time making a game of this complexity and magnitude, after all.  We made a lot of mistakes and we worked on it very casually, because our team were attending university at the moment.
The rest of the development cycle was spent using what we had learned remaking most of the game (mechanics, design, art assets, you get the idea.) We decided to get serious with this game because of problems happening in our country beyond of our control. Not because of the current landscape of the indie game industry.
- Most chests contain potions as placeholders! You will be able to find upgrades for combat as well as useful collectables in those chests. (I should also clarify this in our game descriptions.)
- Um, sorry for causing you a small crisis there? Hah.

That's about it, thank you for playing! I hope you give it another chance when it's finally completed. We are still hopeful but even if it fails like you said, I'm still proud of the game we have created.

Deleted 85 days ago

any plans for a mac release?

It's on our mind but only after releasing the finished game. 
We don't currently own a Mac, so it might take a while nonetheless.

Amazing game!  It's a fresh take on the adventure game and has both beautiful music and cozily-retro graphics. If you haven't had a chance to play it yourself, I would highly suggest giving it a go!

Beautiful aesthetic, great music and a great unique combat system, Love your game cannot wait for the full release!

Love the music, visuals, and overall concept, while I found the exploration weak. Future levels will hopefully feel more populated and be more interesting to traverse. The individual combat mechanics are solid. I hope they're pushed to their creative limits, including many different attack methods, defense methods, enemy behaviors, and customization options; it would make this one of the best combat systems ever.  

This game looks nice, but I can't play it. Everytime I boot up the game, the main menu has a mind of it's own and I can't click on New Game. It only takes me to the exit button. I really need a fix for this because this is one of the best looking games I have seen on this platform so far.

Update: it's just a bug I had with a program that messes with Unity games where the W button is always pressed.

Good game tho!

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