Underhero 4.1.3 Patch notes

Bug fixes:

  • The song "Fighting until the very end" was not unlocking for some players.
  • Left shift key was not working by default for the shield.
  • Shield default key also not working during the shield tutorial.
  • Game over menu had a repeating key input that was causing issues with the menu.
  • Movement keys not working during the ice skating competition by default or with rebinding.
  • Level up menu couldn't be navigated with D-Pads.
  • There was a coin getting stuck in the ceiling of the Dark Maze.
  • W key not working to zoom in the fanart artwork in the fanart room.
  • During the final battle with [REDACTED], the Masked Kid would get stuck in a falling state when landing in a certain way on platforms. This would in turn, send the player flying through the floor and out of bounds. Yikes.

Also NEW game!?

That's right!
We have started to show some of our progress with our new game! Mainly concept art, but we will slowly work our way towards gameplay gifs, trailers, music and more. You can see some of it on our Twitter, and we also have a cozy devlog channel in our discord server.

We know you might be thinking this is a sequel, but nope! We are working on an entirely new IP with new characters, gameplay, world, music etc. An Underhero sequel is not entirely discarded, but we want to try new things and improve our skills before we attempt another game in the Underhero universe.

Well that's it for now, if you find any issues be sure to let us know through our discord server or here in the Steam forums.

Thank you for reading, we wish you a happy summer!


Underhero 4.1.3 Windows 64-bit 308 MB
Jul 04, 2020
Underhero 4.1.3 Windows 32-bit 303 MB
Jul 04, 2020
Underhero 4.1.3 Linux 301 MB
Jul 04, 2020
Underhero 4.1.3 Mac 315 MB
Jul 04, 2020

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