Underhero 4.1.1 Patch notes

Hello there!

We’re happy to say that with this new update Underhero now has controller remapping and key binding. It took us more work than we originally anticipated, but hopefully it improves the game for more people.

What's new:

  • Completely redone controller menu.
  • Edit inputs for both keyboards and controllers on the main menu, or during play through the pause menu.
  • Inputs are saved after the game is closed.
  • For quick access press "F12" to open the new menu, and "F11" to reset to default inputs.
  • Most gamepads will be compatible with the game now (no more Xbox exclusivity :P).
  • This update will also be available for Mac and Linux users.
  • Quicker saving times, initial loading times slightly faster too.
  • New force resolution option* (More on this below).

Unfortunately we were not able to make it so icons update during play with new inputs, or new icons for different controller types. Regardless of what controller you use the game will still use Xbox 360 icons. We really tried with this one, but it was not possible and we apologize for it.
This new input system was tested with Xbox 360 controllers, Dualshock 4, Switch Pro controller, generic brand gamepads and keyboards. That said, even after a lot of testing there might be a couple of bugs that slipped through, let us know if you find anything and we will get it fixed for the next patch.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t save or load because the save file wasn’t created.
  • Fixed a couple of lingering typos.
  • Fixed a bug were the checkered background in some menus would become smaller horizontally when zooming in and closing the menu.
  • Other small bugs pertaining to the new input system.

*How to access the force resolution option:

Go to the main menu and then to options, now press “F10” to open the force resolution screen. Type both a new resolution and an aspect ratio and press enter.

This was done in case the game is not recognizing or changing the correct display resolution, it’s a bit hacky but we hope it works for some extreme cases.

If you find any issues be sure to let us know through our discord server or in the Steam forums.

Please take care, and see you next time!


Underhero 4.1.1 Linux 253 MB
Apr 02, 2020
Underhero 4.1.1 Mac 262 MB
Apr 02, 2020
Underhero 4.1.1 Windows 32-bit 254 MB
Apr 02, 2020
Underhero 4.1.1 Windows 64-bit 258 MB
Apr 02, 2020

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