*Gasp* A fun water level!?


Hello everyone, happy new year! It has been a while.

We are making good progress with the game lately. Testing and polishing is taking most of our time, we can’t commit to a date yet, but we are getting there!

Today I wanted to talk about water jets!
In our last update, we showed a very sonic-esque animation if you recall.
Well that animation is for underwater sections.

We thought about how to make a water level "fun", and simply improving your mobility and removing the element of drowning actually makes these sections a lot of fun!


Your trajectory depends on the direction you make contact with the water jets. You can change your trajectory a little bit while rolling too! And pressing jump lets you stop the rolling.

The best part about this is that you can chain water jets, increasing your max speed exponentially! It’s really satisfying to pull off.
And underwater hazards like the ballon fish can be avoided if you’re rolling too.

Exploring underwater is really fun now! So we made sure to add secret chests and goodies throughout the level ;)

And to close today’s update, here’s a little story sneak peek!


Who is that "Don" they’re talking about?

See you guys next time!

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