Big update! New things! Journals! And 2018!

Up and down and all around~

Ok! Let’s review (in no particular order) the things we have fixed and added to the game recently:

  • You can now exit the game after a checkpoint without fear of losing your progress! But only if you press "Continue" on the main menu. Using "load" will restart you at your last save station. Think of checkpoints as soft saves, and save stations as hard saves from now on.
  • Remember those little hiccups after you saved or passed through a checkpoint? Gone.
  • You can now bribe enemies right from the get go, instead of attacking first.
  • We now have a pretty loading screen!
  • Added skip options for all tutorials.
  • Some conversations with Elizabeth are optional now. If you don’t want to hear what she has to say you can just ignore her (you monster).
  • You can use keyboard and controllers at the same time now.
  • We added a traveling merchant for certain places! They will sell useful stuff like magic anvils, potions and other things!
  • Fixed many bugs, like, you wouldn’t believe.

And last but not least, we have added a handy journal for your adventure!

You will be able to check your journal and see how your adventure is going:

  • Stopped playing for a few days and forgot what you were doing? Journal!
  • Want to know what the protagonist thinks of the adventure so far? Journal!
  • Forgot about some side quest and want a quick reminder? You guessed it!

And yes, the main character writes! Being quiet doesn’t mean you can’t talk somehow.


That’s it for today!

We wanted to talk about more stuff, but I think it’s better if we discuss it a little more in the upcoming updates.

There’s still a lot of work ahead of us, but we are getting closer and closer. So please, be patient! We want you to play this thing as much as you, but the game still requires more testing, work and polish.

A 2017 release is no longer possible (even after doing everything we could). We are now aiming for early 2018!

See you next time!

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