​ Thank you for being so awesome.

Hey, guys!

I wanted to just real talk for a sec, and thank you all for playing. We are so humbled by the overwhelming response to the demo, so many of you have played and said so many wonderful things about our game.

We have worked on this thing for 4 years now, and after a lot of hardships developing this game in our country, after so many restless nights, this is the first time in those 4 years that we actually feel like we are going to make it.

You guys made our effort and hard work truly worth it, and we can’t thank you enough for that.

We simply cannot wait for you to witness what Underhero has in store, this is the final motivation we needed to finish this game.

Again, from all of us at Paper Castle Games, we thank you!

See you next time!

The first concept drawing for the Masked Kid.:

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