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When I played the game, it reminded me of the times I used to play alot of obscure browser flash games for some reason
It has similar vibes to one but its also so much better. I'm glad I got to experience this game. I can't wait to see what's next!

I've added this game to Cloudsaver


fantastic game, I have been recommending it to all my friends who are into the indie game scen

So it says only Xbox 360 and One controllers work on the demo. I'm wondering what controllers are supported in the full version. Namely, I use a mayflash gamecube adapter. If it isn't supported now, are there plans for future controller support?

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That was before we added controller remapping to the game. Now it recognizes all controllers and can be configured in the options menu. The demo is just very outdated.

Edit: We added a disclaimer above for the demo info, thanks for pointing this out!

Okay, it wasn't really moving anything with my controller. I guess I'll just fiddle around in options until it works. What could go wrong?


Absolutely fantastic execution on this game. very fun to play, very engaging. thank you for putting this game out there. and im really happy i picked it up with that mega bundle

Thank you for playing :)

quite literally my pleasure. this game was absurdly fun


 There's a lot of heart in this game. I felt really rewarded for going through the trouble of trying to talk to everyone in the worlds, and the gameplay itself was a blast too!

We're happy to know you enjoyed it!

When is 4.1.3 going to be available on itch and also GOG? It's out on Steam.

We usually wait a bit before releasing a new patch on the rest of the platforms, in case something bad happens. They will be updated promptly!

Ah ya know I remember I actually asked this kind of question before with a previous version of the game. lol Sorry for seeming impatient. I should trust you guys. You've done well with this game.


this game is like terraria exept its nothing like terraria


Love the game! Its art style, characters and dialogue are just wonderful. I did a Lets Try on it and i'd love to be able to do a series in the near future!

Can anyone help me please? I cant play the game as it tells me "unityplayer.dll", so I download it then it tells me several times that certain "xxx.dll"' not found several times until it just tells me that I cant run it.. do I need a program or something? first time downloading a game from


Did you unpack the .rar files? You will need an additional program like winrar or winzip to unpack the game files. After you unpack it, open the game's folder and run underhero.exe


Obviously inspired by Paper Mario, this turn based RPG puts you into the role of an evil minion that suddenly finds itself having defeated the hero. Now you are on your quest for power, traversing the evil lands, using your newfound inspiration to become the strongest to overthrow the evil emperor. The theme is charming and very well done, it has many delightful interactions and some cool ideas (ever felt like talking to every monster before your curbstomp it? Now you can do exactly that!) and the combat is satisfying. My only grip with the game is the level design, which does feel a bit too basic sometimes, but this is an easy recommendation. 4,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

Enjoying the game, but I am having an issue where the aspect ratio is 1280x1440 and I cannot change it in the options. Is there a fix anyone know about?
I'm using Windows 10 64-Bit. I tried both the 64Bit and 32Bit version of the game and got the same problem.


You can try forcing a new resolution by going to the main menu, then options, and pressing F10. Here you can type your preferred resolution and aspect ratio and press enter to confirm.

That worked! Thank you. Really like the game, it feels so much like a Genesis or SNES era game.


damn. Words can't express how much I loved playing this entire game, from the beginning until the very end it has never stoped getting better and better! Sure it has a bit of flaws here and there, but there's no such thing as a perfect indie games in this world, besides, the good parts overcome completely the bad ones.

I'm very much happy I found this game in the bundle, I can't believe I didn't know about it before!

I'm making sure my friends know about this game because it truly is a master piece.

Ice skating minigame is a sham, pressed the buttons it told me to on the time it told me to, BUT APPARENTLY THERE WAS A SMALL DELAY IN MY KEY PRESSES REGISTERING.

I was having a bit of hard time int he ice skating minigame but it was okay cus it was still kinda fun and you don't even need to win to go forward in the game

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I highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a super paper mario/mario & luigi like.
Combat is amazing and innovative, platforming and exploration is really fun (it gets better and better as the adventure progresses!) bosses are incredible, music is great and story and dialogue are also nice!
The only real downside are really the graphics, some backgrounds and sprites are great, some okay and some terrible for some reason.
You can really see that this game has been made by real videogame fans! Thanks for delivering such an enjoyable game and refreshing game paper castle!
I really can't find a reason why this game isn't a super popular indie game tho because i can't describe how much i liked it...


This game works perfectly on Linux.  I'm about an hour in and loving it.  The combat system is unique and fun!

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I am downloading repeatedly the game, but the .rar files always result corrupted?

I am using Winrar to try to open them, maybe that is the problem?

Edit: tried 7Zip too, no dice.

Edit: it was a zip issue, solved.


Super hyped to play this!

Hello - I am having problems with the mac app getting the error  'the application "Underhero" can't be opened'. Thank you so much for including in the bundle

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I'm unable to play the game. The download files for windows are both "editor" files, and i'm unable to open them. Advice?

You will need a program like Winrar or Winzip to unpack the .rar files.

Once unpacked, open the Underhero folder and double click "Underhero.exe".

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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for releasing this game on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I was a huge fan ever since the firs Demo came out, but unfortunately 15$ for a game is not something I’m in the position to spend.

Thank you for giving me and others this chance, even though you had 0 obligation to participate.


Thank you for contributing!

What about publish UnderHero on consoles?


It's on the Nintendo Switch


It's on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. It released earlier this year :)

I bought the bundle(Racial justice and equality) and I can't play the game

Hi, we have fixed some things, try again and let us know.

It worked, thank you so much


The Windows 32bit, 64bit  and Linux rar archives are broken.

Hi, we have fixed some things, try again and let us know.

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All of the mentioned files on the download page are still broken. When you look as the Mac download link on the download page (which is the only working file), it says that the file was updated 1 day ago.  The rest of the links say that they were updated 51 days ago.  Even the rar file for the demo on this page is broken.

Strange, we have tried downloading the files straight from and it's working fine on our end.

We had to re-upload the Mac version because it was not unpacking correctly as a .rar file and we changed it to a zip file. The other files should be working.

What program are you using to unpack the .rar files? Winrar is what we use.


Well, turns out it was an issue on my side.

I was using Winrar and 7-zip.  But when I read your reply, I downloaded current versions of both software, it worked. (I never bothered updating them for a while since they has always worked).

Thanks for the quick replies.

Glad to hear you were able to fix it.
Have fun!


I got this game in the bundle and I was really excited, only to discover this:

Yeah same was excited to play it too :/ it looks good


It should be working now!

Had this issue with another game (Orion Trail) and had to open up the Application folder and make the file executable. See here:

And this is off topic from Underhero, but whenever I try to download Minit or Nuclear Throne from the pack the file is always damaged. They disabled comments for the game pages.

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It worked for me, thanks!

There is a new file added to the game page that works now!

We have re uploaded the Mac files, let us know if it works now.

It works now, thank you so much!

Awesome! Have fun :)

got a bit of an issue where the game apparently thinks i have a controller connected, and even though Enter works when asked to "press start" and the arrow keys select things in the menu, i can't actually press enter on anything *in* the menu. is there a way to disable controller input from a config file?

We have re uploaded the newer build, let us know if the problem persist.

If the problem wasn't resolved then the game is probably detecting another peripheral as a gamepad. During testing we found that it sometimes picked up drawing tablets as gamepads, we made sure to avoid this but it might still be occurring with other brands.

Controller detection cannot be changed because the user config is in the registry. As far as we know it can't be changed there.

You could try playing with the tablet disconnected or by changing your inputs.

To change your inputs on the spot, after the press start screen, press F12 to open the keybinding menu. You can press F11 to reset all inputs to default.

i think the issue is my mouse claiming to be a controller because it can do some macro stuff for that, I've found a workaround which is essentially just revoking and restoring my access rights to the device node before/after playing it with a script.

Ah good to hear, enjoy!


cool i gusse

This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really happy for you getting all the love that you deserve for the release of this stellar title! I just genuinely love the sense of atmosphere you've put into this game. One question, though. Any plans to possibly release this game on Mac in the future?

Thank you so much!
We currently have no plans for Mac/Linux ports since we are aiming for consoles at the moment.
It's not out of the table though, we'll see in the future.

That's still pretty cool to hear (also just saw that the game released on GOG, so congrats to that :) ) Which consoles were you guys thinking of releasing the game for? 

The big three!

Just finished the game and is amazing.
One of my favorite games ive ever played.


One of the best RPGs I've played in recent history. It reminded me why I love the genre so much.

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It's nearly a year to the day that I covered the demo of Underhero and now I finally get the pleasure of covering the full release of an incredible game

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I really like the game but there are a few things that I suggest that you guys work on and patch them.

1. Most important, the game feels too easy. The battles are not very rewarding and because you always get HP after killing an enemy, it is almost impossible to die.

2. Overall the game feels a little laggy, Idk what engine you guys use but the animations in general feel a bit laggy. It makes harder to time things during battle, like parrying.

3. The physics mechanic feel a little unpolished. Jumping does not feel natural. Some collisions do not work as intended. Idk how to explain but overall physics feel a bit unpolished.

4. In some places because of the shape of the platform the character feet do not touch ground and he appears to be flying. That again is something that feels unpolished.

5. Sometimes I jumped too early to dodge an attack and was supposed to be hit by the enemy, but It said that I dodged it.

The game has a lot of potential, but it needs more polishing and be harder. Maybe add modes with harder difficulties, or tweak the game so it feels challenging and not just a walking simulator.

I hope the game succeeds so you guys can work on a sequel!


Reviewed the game here

It's such a great game, I hope it continues to gain popularity!

Good review!  I enjoyed finding a review video with a voice that is easy and clear to understand and with good audio mixing.  :)

Aw, thank you for your kind words! It means a lot <3


Cheers to you devs, courtesy of Jim (Flipping) Sterling Son!  :)

Unfortunate tosh about the name but don't let the silly wankers get ya down!  I hope that ya'll get some more publicity & love because the game is really nice! ^_^

Aw thank you so much!
Glad to see Jim's video has brought more people in :)


You'll get more publicity if you create a public official policy thing on videos and monetization of them for YT/Twitch/etc.

Just something that people can link to if any DMCA shenanigans by trolls happen to occur.

Still waiting on that 'official video/monetization policy' statement from your studio.  Would love to make some YT/Twitch vids of this but without something official I can't risk it.

ill try this game looks like interesting

This game will definitely be another indie hidden gem! 

Really nice 2 D game.


I just tried out the demo with WINE. I'll definitely be picking it up. Though, I am curious if it will be getting a Linux port? It runs well enough under WINE, but nothing beats a native Linux port.

It's in our plans! We would love to hear your experience with the game using WINE though, it might be a good alternative in the mean time.
Thank you for playing!


It plays great. I'm using WINE stable 3.0.3 on Debian Stretch (xfce with Xorg). I just manage WINE myself, I don't use any frontends for it like Lutris or PlayOnLinux. It didn't need any extra configuring to get it playing, so a basic clean prefix should work fine. It worked fine on my laptop's mesa setup and my desktop's Nvidia GPU. Typically, Unity games work well under WINE, so no real surprise on my end.

The player character movement looks slightly off, but it's only really noticeable if you deliberately look at it. Good gamepad support hasn't made its way into the stable build of WINE yet, so I just used Antimicro to fill the gap.

Otherwise, I could show it to someone and they'd assume it's running natively. If you need any more information, I'll happily provide it. I've been using nothing but Linux distributions for my own use for 10 years now and have been gaming on them just as long.


Thank you!
It's very useful to know that it works decently. If anyone else asks, we can direct them to your post while we wait for the official port.
If we have any more questions we will definitely let you know!

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Is there an issue with buying it here on The installer only included a 151KB JPG, two 3KB .IFL files, three 1KB .DAT files, a 1KB spreadsheet named License that is completely blank, and a folder named ".itch" which includes a 1KB "receipt.json" file. 

*Edit to add - It seems it may be an issue with the new app that just came out. When I clicked the Download link from the purchase confirmation, it started downloading the full game in my regular browser. So that's fun.

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