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Pressing the button to turn on vsync doesnt seem to do anything? If someone could help with this it would be much appreciated

This game is a masterpiece oh my god. It's infinitely charming, the characters are cute as hell, and the story line is phenomenal.  God, I don't even have the words for how amazing this game is and how thoroughly I recommend it.

First, some of the non-story stuff: LOVE the groovy mechanics, and especially the music itself. The soundtrack was honestly just so good; I spent a lot of time just bopping in the save rooms lol.

(I would recommend putting something in the options menu to allow players to turn off the full-screen flashes that occasionally appear. They're kind of jarring, and that was my least favorite part of the funky (you know the part) underwater bit.


Okay, so. Story. The whole intro bit with the chandelier IMMEDIATELY had me hooked. The concept is beautiful, and oh my god that little masked kid. I was in love immediately!! Realizing that I could swim indefinitely, but couldn't wall jump, and that this was because I was a 'bad guy' and not a hero; that was amazing. So clever!

I loved the whole game, but I think what stuck out to me the most was the boss battle with T. Bur. Elizabeth totally gives up, everyone's just wallowing on the floor... and the Masked Kid goes and defeats T. Bur all on their own. No help. No legendary weapon. Just a little clone kid doin' their best. It was amazing, a really fantastic feeling.

And the ending? The ending's twist? Stunning! Stitches' boss battle was so fun; the first phase was fun but fairly normal, and the moment his 'second phase' started with the darkness and Cereza's bombs, this game solidified its spot on my list of "Favorite Games of All Time." And the last phase of Stitches' battle was, oh my god, so good. It was so emotional and beautiful!!! Everyone showing up to help, the other lil' masked kids showing up as thanks for Being Cool, watching everyone else beat Stitches up, even the other minions appearing in the foreground with T. Bur... Wow. It reminded me of the last scenes of Undertale's true ending... Which was the last time I felt this emotionally moved by a game, I think. But Underhero, damn. Yeah, that got me.

The dice battle... That was funky. Not what I expected, and the controls were pretty hard to get used to (mostly because I personally just don't have a great grasp on directions lol), but the Cool Factor was totally worth it. I loved seeing the little code blocks on the walls! And the actual battle with the dice dude was super cool, if a little difficult to comprehend. But the little blocks with comments from all the Masked Kid's friends really tied it together, that was an adorable way to win!

The ending made me sad... but I'm very encouraged by the potential for a sequel! ;)

Another question. When starting the version 4.1.4 of the game, in top corner when you go to "Options" it actually says 4.1.5. Is this correct? Is it 4.1.4 or 4.1.5?

Hey just had a thought. Since it's free, could you add the artbook to GOG and Steam? Additionaly how about the soundtrak (for purchase instead of just Bandcamp)?

A wonderful game, I played it a while back. The characters were great, and the story was really neat. I greatly enjoyed the gameplay, and really it was just a lovely experience all around. Thanks for making it.

will there be a steam key for this game if you buy it here?

Sorry but no. If you prefer Steam you should probably get it there, since there is no difference between builds.

Please add a steam key.  Sometimes the games are added through bundles, I dont want to have to keep track of games

Hello! Playing the game and just went into the big tree. I was curious though: is there a pacifist ending to this for bribing/talking your way through all combats? Is that even possible?


There is only one ending no matter what you do, no worries.

played the entire game before there was a price

and let me tell you, if I had the money right now i would buy this game

it's an amazing game through and through although i had the problem of lag with the second boss i hope that was fixed now.

amazing story, underrated game so i rate it 5 stars in hopes of it being big.


Dude what a game, I mean the writing was just phenomenal.  Legitmately, Mr. Stitches has become one of my favorite video game characters just too cool. Just an absolute beast of a villain and I would never betray him.

   - Mr. Stitches Loyalist


What a gem of a game. There is so much I love about it I don't know where to begin...  I could not stop playing, & when I did I could not stop thinking about it lol. Intriguing characters and storyline. Perfectly executed gameplay.  Endearing art & soundtrack. The developers put a lot of thought into every aspect of the game & it shows!!

Time-based combat is so smart, takes away the frustration of waiting helplessly, & keeps the anticipation up. The puzzles inbuilt into maps were so cleverly done as well!! 

The twists in the story are so well done too!! They don't just come out of nowhere, as there is quite a bit of foreshadowing. & whenever something is revealed all the pieces of the puzzle come together so perfectly it's satisfying. 

This game is so smart, thinks out of the box, & gets pretty meta lol.

I've found my fav game ever!! <3 

hey, whats with the controls? and why is it so hard to change them?


Had a real fun time with this! Is there anywhere we could buy/download the music for this game? It's very good.

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Hey, I am about to start playing the game. I observed that, in the options menu, if you set the music volume to zero, it doesn't affect the menu music. However, upon restarting the game, the menu music volume was affected.

I just wanted to say that out of the -many- games I have played from the racial justice bundle, Underhero has been my favorite so far! I'll definitely buy Underhero 2 on its own if/when it comes out, and I'll be keeping an ear out for anything that comes  from Paper Castle Games in the future!


i played this on the switch and had to put my review on here cause I Love it so much. It's got so much heart and you can feel the passion that went into this. It's a real fun and charming game, even if it's not totally perfect, it's still a SUPER GOOD Game in my opinion, and the ending part blew me away. <3

Gonna say it my favorite game in years if not my entire life, I am so glad this was in the racial equality bundle

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I like every part of Masked Kid's design - from the mask & general look to the fact that Elizabeth just decides to call them "kid" and gender doesn't really factor into the game or your character at all to the adorable journal they keep that gives them a lot of character despite them not talking at all - A+ character design there.

I like the music & sound design. I like the level design, I like the puzzles, I like that the game is linear (I found backtracking to be very minimal & justified, filled more with suspense for whatever you're going back for than boredom).

I love the combat system - keysmashing combat is never fun for me, so I like that there's a level of strategy and space to think -  I didn't understand the description of 'turn-based combat... without the turns!' when I first read it, but it absolutely has the best parts of turn-based combat while also having the tension & urgency of non-turn-based combat. There are plenty of enemies, while still not being too much considering that you have to remember specific hints for each one of them. It was easy-going and unpunishing with nonviolent alternatives to most fights, while not being boring. Boss combat was always harder & more interesting than usual combat, but doable without too many frustrating failures + every time I failed, I felt like I knew what I did wrong and knew how to do better next time.

I love the design of the Moth Queen and Stitches. I wish all games were so creative with their bosses & characters in general.

I love the humor, I love the storyline, I LOVE the twist(s!). Games with good stories are always my favorite and the story here is amazingly done. I love that instead of getting pre-set status upgrades when you level up, you have to decide what's most important to you. I stuck with this game all the way through to the end (which I loved, even though the very last battle's controls didn't work well enough for me to complete the game... that being said, the controls in the entire proceeding game were stellar).


The Monkan society... was bad. Monkeys, dressed in leaf loincloths & colorful masks, that are being 'kidnapped and enslaved' by El Sanserissimo... their chief talks in broken English that is reminiscent of racist stereotypes about Jamaican accents and AAVE... Elizabeth constantly calling them savages, remarking how 'surprisingly civilized' it is for them to not support child marriage... the bit where the chief says something about eating Masked Kid, then reassures Masked Kid & Elizabeth that he was only joking, and she says '... sure you were.'

I'm sure you weren't making them with racist intent (including this in the Racial Justice Bundle makes me guess that you care, at least to some degree, about racism), but in making this 'savage', 'uncivilized' monkey society you invoked a lot of racism (it's worth noting that 'savage,' 'civilized,' and 'uncivilized' are all inherently racist terms/concepts, & while not everything I listed above are racial stereotypes about Black people, they are all racialized in relation to savagery: the idea of 'savage' African & Native cultures participating in child marriage and/or cannibalism, espcially as a result/proof of their savagery/inferiority, is one with a very long, very racist history).

The rock enemies (can't remember their names - the ones on Pica Pica Island) reminded me of those "Mexican" halloween costumes. El Sanserissimo also felt like a stereotype to me.

As far as more nitpicky stuff goes...

The first Gray Kid fight was, to me, a lot harder than most of the game before and after it, which felt off - her attacks were timed in a way that made her really hard to parry.

The very final boss fight, while I appreciate that it flipped the game on its head in a way that was very exciting, was also extremely hard: I knew what to do, I was doing it, but it wasn't working - those controls were difficult to fight with in a way that wasn't fun.

Hopefully this feedback will be helpful to you in making any future games.

(Edit: to anyone thinking of getting this game, I do want to emphasize again that overall I really did love this game. I initially put off writing this whole comment because I didn't want to put anyone off the game, especially since indie games tend to take criticism harder than big companies and I definitely want to support Paper Castle in making such creative, unique games. The Monkan society was very jarring to me when I first played this game, but I hope you'll play this game because it's legitimately one of the best games I've played. I really, really do recommend it - every criticism I have made comes from a place of love. It's rare that I fall as deeply in love with a game as I did with this one. It's absolutely an "indie gem" and I think it's definitely worth your time.)


Hey there! First of all thank you so much for playing the game and sharing your feedback.

Before addressing your points, we should probably clarify that we're developers from Venezuela, not the USA. This is not to say that we're beyond criticism because we're latinx, but that certain things that are seen as harmful in the US might have gone over our heads because we come from a different background. 

There are many references of Venezuelan culture hidden in the game that most players will probably not get, and Pica Pica tribe was one of them. The Pica Pica tribe was intended to be a reference to a group of Venezuelan indigenous people called the Yanomami. Even though Elizabeth says they're "uncivilized", the joke was supposed to be that they're actually just like the other minions (if you check their houses they actually have very good living conditions, with TVs, ACs, and big beds. And all of them speak perfect English except for the chief). Elizabeth is just very prejudiced against minions in general, and at that point in the story she's slowly overcoming it. 

Los Duros have two first hispanics names (which is common for us) and use mariachi hats to hide their weaknesses. El Salserissimo is a reference to Salsa music and to Hispanic characters in Hollywood movies that occasionally say words in broken Spanish, except this time el Salserissimo speaks correct and coherent Spanish between his English lines. 

That said, we understand that what we made can be considered in bad taste and even harmful, and we do regret it. These jokes and references came from a place of ignorance, never hate, and we're truly sorry if they caused any harm. 

Like you said, the reason we wanted to include the game in the bundle is because we care deeply about issues of racism. We grew up in a country of stark economical and social inequality, and it took us years to learn and break free of the awful beliefs we grew up with. It took us many years to make this game (almost 5 years), so much so that our ideals and beliefs have changed and continue to change to this day. 

We're still learning, and we'll definitely take this criticism into account when working on future games. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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I appreciate your response, and I can absolutely see where you're coming from. Los Duros & El Sanserissimo reminded me of stereotypes (especially as an American, we have - especially historically - a lot of shallow, stereotypical representation of Mexicans that roughly amounts to "sombrero + mustache +  maybe a poncho + spanish accent + spanish words randomly thrown in with english sentences = Mexican") but now that you've explained I entirely see the ways in which they were intended to & did undermine those stereotypes.

Thank you for being open to my criticism and responding thoughtfully. Underhero is otherwise a wonderful game and I'm looking forward to seeing future work of yours : )


Thank you for understanding, we're glad you enjoyed the game overall (despite the hiccups you described).  We're looking forward to making better games for everyone to enjoy ^^

When I played the game, it reminded me of the times I used to play alot of obscure browser flash games for some reason
It has similar vibes to one but its also so much better. I'm glad I got to experience this game. I can't wait to see what's next!

I've added this game to Cloudsaver


fantastic game, I have been recommending it to all my friends who are into the indie game scen

So it says only Xbox 360 and One controllers work on the demo. I'm wondering what controllers are supported in the full version. Namely, I use a mayflash gamecube adapter. If it isn't supported now, are there plans for future controller support?

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That was before we added controller remapping to the game. Now it recognizes all controllers and can be configured in the options menu. The demo is just very outdated.

Edit: We added a disclaimer above for the demo info, thanks for pointing this out!

Okay, it wasn't really moving anything with my controller. I guess I'll just fiddle around in options until it works. What could go wrong?


Absolutely fantastic execution on this game. very fun to play, very engaging. thank you for putting this game out there. and im really happy i picked it up with that mega bundle

Thank you for playing :)

quite literally my pleasure. this game was absurdly fun


 There's a lot of heart in this game. I felt really rewarded for going through the trouble of trying to talk to everyone in the worlds, and the gameplay itself was a blast too!

We're happy to know you enjoyed it!

When is 4.1.3 going to be available on itch and also GOG? It's out on Steam.

We usually wait a bit before releasing a new patch on the rest of the platforms, in case something bad happens. They will be updated promptly!

Ah ya know I remember I actually asked this kind of question before with a previous version of the game. lol Sorry for seeming impatient. I should trust you guys. You've done well with this game.


this game is like terraria exept its nothing like terraria


Love the game! Its art style, characters and dialogue are just wonderful. I did a Lets Try on it and i'd love to be able to do a series in the near future!

Can anyone help me please? I cant play the game as it tells me "unityplayer.dll", so I download it then it tells me several times that certain "xxx.dll"' not found several times until it just tells me that I cant run it.. do I need a program or something? first time downloading a game from


Did you unpack the .rar files? You will need an additional program like winrar or winzip to unpack the game files. After you unpack it, open the game's folder and run underhero.exe


Obviously inspired by Paper Mario, this turn based RPG puts you into the role of an evil minion that suddenly finds itself having defeated the hero. Now you are on your quest for power, traversing the evil lands, using your newfound inspiration to become the strongest to overthrow the evil emperor. The theme is charming and very well done, it has many delightful interactions and some cool ideas (ever felt like talking to every monster before your curbstomp it? Now you can do exactly that!) and the combat is satisfying. My only grip with the game is the level design, which does feel a bit too basic sometimes, but this is an easy recommendation. 4,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

Enjoying the game, but I am having an issue where the aspect ratio is 1280x1440 and I cannot change it in the options. Is there a fix anyone know about?
I'm using Windows 10 64-Bit. I tried both the 64Bit and 32Bit version of the game and got the same problem.


You can try forcing a new resolution by going to the main menu, then options, and pressing F10. Here you can type your preferred resolution and aspect ratio and press enter to confirm.

That worked! Thank you. Really like the game, it feels so much like a Genesis or SNES era game.


damn. Words can't express how much I loved playing this entire game, from the beginning until the very end it has never stoped getting better and better! Sure it has a bit of flaws here and there, but there's no such thing as a perfect indie games in this world, besides, the good parts overcome completely the bad ones.

I'm very much happy I found this game in the bundle, I can't believe I didn't know about it before!

I'm making sure my friends know about this game because it truly is a master piece.

Ice skating minigame is a sham, pressed the buttons it told me to on the time it told me to, BUT APPARENTLY THERE WAS A SMALL DELAY IN MY KEY PRESSES REGISTERING.

I was having a bit of hard time int he ice skating minigame but it was okay cus it was still kinda fun and you don't even need to win to go forward in the game

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I highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a super paper mario/mario & luigi like.
Combat is amazing and innovative, platforming and exploration is really fun (it gets better and better as the adventure progresses!) bosses are incredible, music is great and story and dialogue are also nice!
The only real downside are really the graphics, some backgrounds and sprites are great, some okay and some terrible for some reason.
You can really see that this game has been made by real videogame fans! Thanks for delivering such an enjoyable game and refreshing game paper castle!
I really can't find a reason why this game isn't a super popular indie game tho because i can't describe how much i liked it...


This game works perfectly on Linux.  I'm about an hour in and loving it.  The combat system is unique and fun!

(2 edits)

I am downloading repeatedly the game, but the .rar files always result corrupted?

I am using Winrar to try to open them, maybe that is the problem?

Edit: tried 7Zip too, no dice.

Edit: it was a zip issue, solved.


Super hyped to play this!

Hello - I am having problems with the mac app getting the error  'the application "Underhero" can't be opened'. Thank you so much for including in the bundle

(1 edit)

I'm unable to play the game. The download files for windows are both "editor" files, and i'm unable to open them. Advice?

You will need a program like Winrar or Winzip to unpack the .rar files.

Once unpacked, open the Underhero folder and double click "Underhero.exe".

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Hey, just wanted to say thanks for releasing this game on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I was a huge fan ever since the firs Demo came out, but unfortunately 15$ for a game is not something I’m in the position to spend.

Thank you for giving me and others this chance, even though you had 0 obligation to participate.


Thank you for contributing!

What about publish UnderHero on consoles?


It's on the Nintendo Switch


It's on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. It released earlier this year :)

I bought the bundle(Racial justice and equality) and I can't play the game

Hi, we have fixed some things, try again and let us know.

It worked, thank you so much

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