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love the game,
so looking forward to the full version!

really enjoyed this, just wish i had more time to play it when i was making the video


I really love the thematic and the gameplay of this game, really, a gem in the rough. hope you guys keep giving it your best!! keep being awesome!

It's a very nice concept. 

I have a big complain. This game should run in any kind of PC. I find a very big slow motion when watching the mountains/sky in the Moth Forest (when Im inside of water caves it runs almost normal and when I'm at the top of platforms when I can't see the mountains/clouds, it runs almost normal too). I have an ATI 5770 and an Intel Core i7 4770... so I find it really odd this kind of behaivor.

It's not exactly an fps drop, because the game slow down itself time. 

Other thing that seemed weird to me, it's that I couldnt change the game resolution (maybe demo has a fixed res ?). I was running it at 720p when I have a 1080p monitor. 

I liked very much the game, I'm probably buying it.

That does sound weird, the game runs perfectly fine in most computers we have tested (even in some pretty crappy laptops).
Could be a problem of outdated drivers, hard to tell from here.
The resolution problems is in our to do list!

Thank you for playing!

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Loved the Demo and can't wait for the full game. Would be cool if it supported more controllers (my GameSir controller would work in the menu but not during gameplay) I would really love to cosplay the Masked Kid if thats okay, I just love the design and simplicity. Are there any clearer images of the masked kid's design i could use for reference? Keep up the good work.

You could download our promo art back at our website's presskit, it could help for reference.
Thank you!

excellent game really worth a play great story and really immersive thank you here is my playthrough

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Enjoyed the demo until I got lost, just a few thoughts:

1. Walking around a big empty map when you're backtracking after finding a normal key and nowhere to use it and there's nothing to kill and nobody to talk to but your sword hilt is kind of a bummer. 

2. The character movement seems kinda ...jittery? I'm running a 144hz monitor, not sure if that's a factor but when they're at the edge of where the screen starts to scroll left, right, up or down, the sprite just kinda jitters in place.  It's not smooth scrolling like I'd expect.   A bit off-putting.

That said, seems like the final game could be fun, hoping combat gets more difficult down the line. Worried about length but so far it seems like something I'd play through and enjoy. Like the art style and music, combat and dialogue are tight!

1- Noted, the game is mostly linear so this is one of the few sections with backtracking.
2- We don't have 144hz monitors so we can't really test if that's the cause. I'll add it to the list of bugs and try to investigate.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)
The game will be around 8 to 10 hours long.

I feel like I need to clarify, since reading #2 again I'm kinda not even really understanding what I said.  So!  I'm speaking about the main character, who is generally the center of the frame, but as the camera pans in whatever direction you're moving, his sprite specifically begins to jitter as the camera attempts to re-center on him, I guess is the best way to put it.  I'd expect the camera to pan smoothly and his sprite to not be jittery, but he's very jittery as you move about.  Everything else seems okay.

Great game, sadly it broke when i got to the parry with the shield

That's a first.
Could you explain further?

Made an account just to post this comment: LOVED IT! The humor, the story, the gameplay. It's a bunch of my favorite genres mashed into one fun lil game, and I can't wait for the full release to play this game

Thank you! :)

100% gona buy at full release


I've started, and it honestly is amazing, the graphics are cool, dialog is funny at times, whilst still spreading lore and info, not to mention the characters are amazing. Can't wait till it's out on steam.

That's great to hear! Glad you liked it :)

I haven't played it yet, but it looks like it has a lot of potential! I hope I get a bit out of the demo, but if the full version comes up, I may buy it!

If you do play it, I hope you have fun!


Love it so far but one issue, to much back tracking on the level. Not that its bad in a case or two, but if i counted right, there were 3 sections that took 2 mins to get back to the start as a result.

Not to worry, our game is mostly a linear experience.


Loved the story, humour and characters! Combat whilst original did feel a little slow to me, but otherwise very much enjoyed this demo!


We are glad you enjoyed the game!

this game is flippin awesome! keep up the good work friend(s) 🤗

Thank youuuuu! :)

you're welcome ^w^

All I want to know is how to change to battle mode controls on a keyboard becuase I dont know how to switch it.

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You enter battle mode automatically when you approach an enemy.

Everything else outside of battles is considered exploration mode.

Awesome indie game I have not got a chance to finish the Demo but Its so good! I hope you all enjoy the lets try!

Ah thank you so much for playing! We'll definitely give it a watch!

Thank you it was great to play your game and look forward to check out your future updates! I will follow your game and if there are more updates hopefully i will get notified so i can cover them.

A great looking game. the art style is great and the music is fantastic. can't wait to see the finished product.

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Are reviews on the demo still welcome? I'm gonna leave a little review of the game here, if that's alright. I'll keep as vague as possible so as not to spoil anything for those who haven't tried it yet.

It's a neat storyline; the fact that you play as a minion is very cool, and my friend and I love it. The beginning scenes were both macabre and humorous. We love the graphics! The artwork is neat, the backgrounds and sprites are colorful, and Mr. Stitches is chilling in appearance. The minions (my personal favorite) are adorable. We like that everyone has their own names, no matter how unimportant they are.

We've only played up to the first boss so far (not sure how long the demo is), but the combat was tedious to us; so many things to click that form more options, when the battle could have been quicker. Gameplay ran a bit slow when many characters appeared onscreen (but maybe that was our computer's fault).

Characters have the potential to be interesting, and I would definitely like to see this game more fleshed out. I find it difficult, personally, to wonder what the minion's motivation is to follow the directions of Elizabeth IV in the first place - the only reason I can figure is so that HE/SHE can become ruler, but that isn't really hinted at. A bit more character/story set up in the beginning would be great to see in a finished version!

That's all we can think of - it's a neat demo. So glad it got greenlit on STEAM, and we hope development goes well.

From what I understand, the minion is going along with it because he doesn't trust his boss (watched him kill another minion).


I feel that the concept for everything in this game is so great, the execution however i feel is very, bad. Im sorry i know that this game is an in development game and I personally want it to be on steam so that i may buy it but there is a lot that could and i hope most likely will be changed, tweaked, and improved.
Underhero can and i hope will be a great game, but the issue i have with it is that the combat is boring, gameplay at this point isnt very nice, i know that would be expanded upon but for people who want gameplay and story the potential for Underheros system isnt very high, It looks and can be amazing but with its template i feel like it wont be very enjoyable. Now i may be entirely wrong since i dont know anything on the current development of this game, but as it is even in thought only works for a game specifically designed around its music. Which its easily seen, I mean heard, that Underhero is not.
Speaking on Music i feel as though since you're are playing as the underling of an evil overlord or some sort, that the music should reflect on that, as the game continues the music should evolve, as you become the hero that you essentially killed, that being what i believe with transpire.
This game is very interesting, and i believe that the great people in charge of it will do their very best to make it something amazing i just felt that i should give my two cents on this well of potiential and im sorry if i come off as rude in any way

Not rude at all, thank you Alrayne! This is the reason we decided to go public with the demo, so people could tell us what's wrong with the game so far.

We need comments like this if we want to make Underhero a great game, your criticism and everyone else's has been heard and noted.

Now that the game has been greenlit we plan to address all the problems the demo has brought to our attention and continue development as planned. (Sorry this response took so long)

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